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Hi, I’m Gina Mallamo-Mickiewicz and I’m the Lead Vocalist and keyboard player for Heartline.

Music has been my life I auditioned for my first choir at 7 years old.  I took piano lessons and attempted to play the flute; unsuccessfully. During my time in High School I sang in the Concert Choir with Keith, as well as singing in the Chorale.  I have been in other choirs in addition to also being in a couple of musicals. When I went to college I started out as a music major, but eventually switched my major to psychology (comes in handy with the crazies in this band).  After not seeing Keith for many years, I started going out with his brother-in-law and after a few years became Keith’s sister-in-law. It was my brother-in-law Keith who got in touch with me about starting a band, and that’s how I joined HeartLine.

// Singer



Hello, my name is Keith Burr, I am the guitar player, and I sing some vocals for HeartLine.  I really do not know where to start, it seems that I have been playing guitar longer than I can remember.  The first band that I played in was called “Risk” and we played mostly eighties rock, as well as, some heavier music.  It was during the two years that I played with this band that I really got my understanding of how to make music with other musicians.  Although this band was not very successful, I really enjoyed my time in the band, in addition to making some lifelong friendships. Over the next three years I played in a number of harder rock, metal, and of course hair metal bands (how I miss aqua net – not).  It was also during this time that I met Dave Belton – he wore a metal studded collar if my memory serves me right. We played in a couple of bands and played numerous gigs together, most of them of the hard rock and metal variety. It was also during this time that I was able to play with a fellow from the UK named Carl Swain. He was an absolute virtuoso, and I learned more about playing from him during the short time we played together than at any period in my life until then.  As I entered the nineties other things took precedence over playing guitar. I was finishing school, getting married, and starting my career in IT, and because of these reasons I seldomly played the guitar until around 2015. I hooked back up with Dave and we started playing together again, albeit rusty, but nonetheless I was playing music again. Within several months my sister-in-law Gina became our singer, and after over a year searching, we found our drummer Ivan. I am grateful and very blessed to get to play with a fine group of musicians as these; hopefully our band HeartLine will be play somewhere near whomever is reading this!

// Guitar



Hi, I'm Dave and I handle the bass and some of the vocals. Things started for me back in the mid-1970s when a couple of my friends decided they wanted guitars. They wanted me to play so I chose bass. Naturally their interest faded quickly like most 15-year old’s and they found other things that were more important, but I stayed with it. I spent the late 70s and early 80s playing in bands around my home in North Mississippi, playing mostly country and old rock and roll standards in the local clubs and area beer joints until I joined a band playing rock right at the beginning of the 80s hair band craze. I was hooked! In the late 80s, I met Keith through a band in my current Hometown and formed a friendship that has lasted for 30 years. We formed and played in bands until the dreaded employment thing mandated a move away from the area. I actually retired from music for several years but, upon returning home, got re-bitten by the bass bug and was soon playing in local bands and went through the usual jams and splits that most experience. I had just about retired again when my career took a sudden turn that gave me a lot more time to devote to music. At about that time, I reconnected with Keith, and we started catching up almost immediately, and Heartline was born. We're much older and the hair, what's left of it, is turning gray, but the music lives on... I hope you enjoy what it has become as much as I enjoy being involved. 

// Bass



Hi I'm Ivan! I been playing drums since I was 6 years old. The first beats of AC/DC got me into playing music. Drums came naturally to me. I loved how one beat could drive a band and the whole world! John Bonham and many other drummers inspired me along the way as i started to grow into music more and more. When i turned 12 i was in my first band. Playing mostly Rock and anything heavy! I done that for a few years until i slowed down and played Country. I was 16 at this point and stayed Country for 4 years. From there i went to Blues music when i was 19 going on 20 years old. I got my on the road traveling experience in those years. Playing anywhere from Memphis Tupelo and blues capital of the world Clarksdale. So as you can see I'm not new to this sort of thing. I bring all my favorite artists genres and experiences along the way to the table! I guarantee my loyalty and my passion for music no matter what band I'm in and i will always give my 110%.

// Drums


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